washed coffee beans



Environmental Sustainability through Organic Agriculture
If the soil erodes and rivers dry up, nature will have no infrastructure for agriculture.  It's not fair that workers poison themselves and their environment when they use chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Economic Sustainability through Fair Trade
If workers don't receive a living wage, and owners a reasonable profit, the business will fail, workers will migrate to the urban slums, and there will be nothing to pass on to the next generation.

Social Sustainability through Education and Health Care
If rural communities remain impoverished, illiterate and unhealthy, there will be an eternal desire to move away to the city "to a better life."

Political Sustainability through Transparency
If governments promote and support only the exploitive aspects of capitalism, there will be no preservation of land, water and rural community.

We believe the ‘underlying element of sustainability is quality: quality of life, quality of the environment, quality of people’s output.

Guillermo Eduardo Odalio
Guillermo writes a book Eduardo and the Chicken Project Odalio harvesting coffee